Through the Astral Sea

To Fallcrest!

Goblins Decend on some prized merchandise

We find our heroes escorting Orest Naerumar’s merchandise (Including a prized enchanted Scimitar) on The King’s Road towards Fallcrest . Orest’s travels of recent have been plagued by bandits and theives, he suspects a mysterious figure, Alec , is behind it. As the band makes camp for lunch a speeding cart approaches from the east carrying spear throwing assailants. Sarn and Ilphyn take up flanking positions only to find more goblins surrounding their position!

Ilphyn’s arrows descend like fell raindrops, Kriv’s figure blurs as he deals vicious blows to multiple attackers, all the while Sarn’s arcane fire scorches those who dare approach his arcane countenance. Victory was had.

Orest, who had disappeared during the battle, returned with a bemused look and after inspection determined that his hired help had prevented any thefts. Further along the road, The contingent happened upon a halfling merchant, Cobb ,willing to sell some enchanted armor. Though the price was beyond the means of the three heroes and Orest had no need for it, Orest offered to buy it for his escorts if they solved his “Alec Problem” Despite the fact that the armor is more valuable than all of the warriors possessions, combined, Sarn seeks a more even reward for all members of the party. The merchant deems the situation “Sketchy” and retracts his offer. Sarn is very sorry.

Reaching Fallcrest without incident. Orest thanks the trio for their services and tells them to meet him in the morning at his [[Naerumar’s Import’s | Naerumar’s Import’s]] for their compensation. After vainly chasing a street urchin who attempted to steal from Kriv, our heroes spend the night in an a single room in the Riverside Inn. Sarn notices some commotion in the hallway in the wee hours of the morning. After some futile investigation he returns to the rented room. The next day the budding adventures recieve their hard earned gold, Sarn learns a bunch of boring stuff about the city, and the trio looks into solving the “Alec Problem.”



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