Eladrin wizard seeling arcane knowledge and power


At Will: Cantrips, Magic Missile, Thunderwave

Encounter: Force Orb

Daily: Acid Arrow, Flaming Sphere


Sarn was born 157 years ago deep in the Bramshot Forest. Born to the noble Marhidon family he was quickly introduced to his arcane heritage. He spent his earlier years practicing the arcane arts, and studying historical fact, legend, and myth. After coming of age he set out to continue growing in strength and knowledge.

After traveling to Faenor to represent his family to the Fey council he was commissioned by the Elf-King Silverbark, to retrieve the the long lost Spear of Might. Sarn spent months investigating the disappearance of the enchanted weapon, searching through dozens of dusty tomes, descending into abandoned temples and murky caves, and listening to hours of passed on lore. Finally, he discovered the spear’s location.

Upon hearing the Tale of the Spear, King Silverbark tasked Sarn with retrieving the Spear and to help, enlisted his nephew, Ilphyn to help. The pair traveled to the Redrock Isles and quickly realized that they would need significant help in acquiring the spear. The Dor’jost had grown even more powerful and vicious over time. Not being clan members, Sarn and Ilphyn were only allowed access to the peasant island of Grosst. But it was on this island they heard rumors of dissention in the clan, Drok, a nephew of Orj who sought power, and his son Kriv, who longed to leave the tyrannical island. Upon meeting Kriv, the trio devised a plan.

Kriv escorted the two to Orj and accused them of being the source of the rebellion on the islands (which Orj had caught wind of and was extremely paranoid about.) Orj questioned the pair in private to satisfy his paranoia, whereupon the trio overpowered him, retrieved the spear, and turned over control to Drok. The three made their escape in the resulting skirmish on the island and returned with the Spear of Might, to King Silverbark.

Silverbark, being extremely pleased, relayed the message that the three heroes were to be treated with the utmost care and courtesy wherever Silverbark was king, and that any and all resources they needed would be theirs in their further adventures.


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