Tale of the Spear

“The Spear had originally belonged to King Mendil, who infused it with his ability to perceive and control the flow of battle and used it to root the rebellious drow out of his kingdom. The spear was passed down to each new king, who used it to quickly dispatch any threats to the throne. With their newfound safety the elves left their hidden fortresses and glens to build vast cities. Spending hundreds of years in their exposed cities, the elves grew accustomed to their docile and relaxed setting, but it would not last.

The Goblin horde had quietly built its strength in the south, and then broke upon the Elven civilization like an ocean’s tide on a sand castle. Cities were razed and ravaged, countless artifacts and libraries were destroyed. Only those elves who remembered their ancestral ways survived, retreating into all but forgotten hidden sanctuaries. The spear was almost certainly destroyed in the sacking of the royal city.

Five hundred year later, the Dor’jost, a ruthless, nomadic dragonborne clan took refuge from a freezing winter in an abandoned goblin cave fortress. The clan searched the subterranean lair for useful weapons or supplies. Unfortunately, all of the goblin’s wares had disintegrated in their half-century wait, only piles of rust, rotten arrow shafts, and one, surprisingly intact spear remained. Orj, the clan chieftain immediately realized that this was not a goblin weapon, its intricate carvings and still sharp blade told Orj that this weapon held great power.

Upon the arrival of spring, the now empowered Dor’jost clan swept across the land, leaving terror and destruction in their wake. The ferocious clan grew in strength and skill as they rampaged across the lands, headed for the Redrock Isles, their homeland from which they had been banished. With the power crazed Orj at their head, the Dor’jost clan overthrew the now peaceful island chain. With little resistance, they tortured the nobles, executed the military, and enslaved the peasants.”

Tale of the Spear

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